Travel Information

The Marconi Conference Center is located on the east shore of Tomales Bay in the town of Marshall, California, 7 miles north of Point Reyes Station.

Workshop registration is on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, from 4 to 5pm in Buck Hall.  At 5pm we will have a mandatory orientation for all participants.  The week will end on Sunday, October 22, 2017, with workshops from 9:00 – 12:00pm followed by lunch and farewells.  Please plan your travel accordingly.

Airports:  The Marconi Conference Center can be reached from several Bay Area airports.   Both San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK) are approximately 60 miles and 1.5 hours from the conference center.  Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS) is approximately 40 miles and 1 hour from the conference center.

Ground Transportation:  All three airports are served by most major car rental agencies and there is parking onsite at the Marconi Conference Center.  For door-to-door shuttles from the airport, Marconi recommends the following companies:

  • Marin Airporter Charter & Tours (415) 256-8830
  • Marin Door-to-Door (415) 457-2717
  • All West Coachlines, Inc. (916) 423-4000
  • Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation 1-800-546-6688
  • Black Tie Transportation 1-800-445-0444

Driving Directions:  Marconi provides recommended driving directions from most points on their website.  Please click here.

Ride Sharing:  If you wish to coordinate rides with other workshop participants please use the comments section below.


TelephoneThere is limited cell-phone service at Marconi Conference Center.  Please bring a Calling Card with a 1-800 access number to make calls from your guestroom phone or one of the public phones on the property.  To receive a call in your guestroom, give callers the private number posted by your guestroom phone – a 10-minute courtesy calling card is provided in each lodging room for this purpose.  Guestroom phones have no message service. Messages left at the Front Desk, (415) 663-9020, will be posted in the reception area or, in the case of an emergency, delivered.  The Front Desk cannot transfer calls to guestrooms.

Property Tips:

  • All Marconi buildings are non-smoking.  Ashtrays are located at entrances, on decks and on patios of buildings.
  • Guestrooms have bed linens; private bathrooms with towels, soap, drinking glasses, and coffee makers/supplies; clock-radios; flashlights; telephones (see above); and free, AT&T WiFi access.
  • The Front Desk sells candy, snacks, drinks, meeting supplies, souvenirs, note cards, postage stamps and a few toiletries.  A luggage cart, irons, ironing boards and hairdryers are available.  The Front Desk Staff has First Aid equipment, an AED, and directions to medical services.
  • Our self-service Business Center, located in the check-in building, offers our guests two computers with Wifi internet access, two printers, and a photocopier/scanner.
  • Comfortable walking shoes, a waterproof jacket or coat, and a sweater or sweatshirt are recommended.  Marconi has no TV, so reading materials are suggested.
  • Campers and motor homes are prohibited from parking at Marconi.  Fires, candles, incense and pets are also not permitted.

For additional information please contact us at  We look forward to seeing you in Tomales Bay!


39 Comments on “Travel Information

  1. If anyone is driving over from the Bay Area and could let me ride along, I will gladly cover the fuel cost! Please let me know by replying to this comment!

      • Hey Brenden! I’m coming in at 12:40 on the 18th of you want to ride to Tomales Bay together! We could get a shuttle and see who else might want to join.

  2. I am scheduled to arrive at San Francisco Airport at 11:38 a m on Wed., October 18. I will spend Sunday night at SF airport, so I am flexible on Sunday, but I do not want to leave Tomales before 1 p m, allowing time to pick up lunch and say goodbyes. I would like to share a shuttle and am happy to make the reservation if others want to join me.

    • Hi Ina, I’m coming in at 12:40 on the 18th of you want to ride to Tomales Bay together! I replied to Brenden’s comment above, and we could see who else might want to join.

      • Jessica, Ina, and Brendan, I’d be glad to share a shuttle. I fly in the night before but will be at SFO whenever we decide to schedule a shuttle, and will head back on the 22nd after lunch and goodbyes. Looking forward to it.

      • Jessica, Brendan, and Susan: As we are now up to three – Jessica, Susan, and ina – I will reserve round-trip shuttle service tomorrow. I will check on capacity and make sure we can continue to add passengers. I will also ask their advice about a pick-up time in relation to latest arrival time.

      • I’m not completely certain I will need the shuttle back to SFO on Sunday, but in my experience if I don’t need it there will be someone at the conference who will want my seat. I’m glad we found each other! Looking forward to meeting you all. Thank you for making the reservation, Ina!

      • Hi Jessica, Susan and Ina, if it’s still possible to join you for a shuttle ride, I can meet you at SFO on the 18th (I’ll just ride the BART over there). If I’ve missed out on this, no worries; sorry I’m getting back to this thread later than I should have! Work was more draining than expected last week…

  3. I’m driving from Davis, CA and happy to have company in my car! Let me know if you’d like a ride.

    • Kim!! It’s Carolyn Walker! I’m driving from Sacramento and would be delighted to go together and catch up on the last 20 years or so!! I’ll be glad to drive. 916-204-9242;

  4. I’m flying into Sonoma airport Wednesday morning. If there is anyone who would like a ride just let me know. I have a rental car. It’s about a 45 minute drive to Marshall and Marconi.

  5. Albert, Jessica, and Susan: I have guaranteed a shuttle on October 18 for four passengers. Jessica, I need your flight info -carrier and number- so the service can give us a pick-up site and time and track flights. The total cost for one way for four people is $166.00. I can book a return later. The deadline is noon the day before return.
    The van will carry nine passengers if anyone else wants to join us.
    My contact info:; cell phone (205)410-2425.

      • Kelly, we have space, but I need your arrival info before adding you.

    • Hello Ina. I would love to join you all. My flight actually arrives from Fla on Tuesday night. I will be spending the night at an airport hotel. Please let me know if I am on the bus! Thanks.

  6. I will be at SFO on Wed a.m. My husband and baby are flying out on a 10:35am flight and I will be there with them and then would like to shuttle with all of you!

  7. Kelly, I have added you to the list. Please let me know your email address if you would like to receive a copy of the trip confirmation.

  8. Hi shuttle bus group: I am arriving at SFO Tuesday night and spending the night at a hotel. I would love to join the shuttle for Wednesday am. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • gokerrigo: There is space on our shuttle, but it will not leave the airport until early afternoon, as our last arrival is at 12:40 p m .

  9. Hi all! I would love to share a shuttle over to Tomales. I land in San Francisco at 12:11 pm.

    • Dani, I can add you to my group if you will supply airline name and number. Ina

      • Hi Ina,
        I will be arriving on Alaska Airlines flight 318 on Wednesday at 12:11 pm. Thanks so much!

  10. This is to confirm the 7 names currently on my shuttle list: Ina Leonard, Jessica Ankeny, Brendan Bashan, Albert Liau, Susan Baller-Shepherd, Kerri Dieffenweirth, and Kelly. The service has advised that the best place to assemble is Baggage Claim Area , Terminal 2. Please meet the group there no later than 12:40 p m.
    The company requests payment in cash. This will be in the neighborhood of $27 each, depending upon whether we add another passenger, plus any tip you might add. I will tell you the exact amount soon.

  11. If anyone still needs a ride from San Francisco/Oakland please let me know. I can pick people up from various SF/O locations & have room for 2-3 others in my rental car depending on amount of luggage.

    • Hi Jeanne! Is there room still available in your car? I’ve reached out to Ina about the shuttle but in the case that it’s full or she’s unable to respond to me, I’d love to catch a ride! I arrive Tuesday so am flexible for where and when to meet Wednesday. Thanks and see you soon!

    • Hi Jeanne, are there still spots available in your car? I’ve contacted Ina about the shuttle but if you also have spots I’d love to join. I arrive Tuesday so have no restrictions as to where/when to meet on Wednesday. Thanks for the offer and see you soon.

      • (I assume this is you twice but just in case.) Yes! Please send me an email at with your phone number & I’ll contact you later today.

  12. Hi Jeanne: I would love a ride from SF and am happy to cost share. I can come to a convenient transit/pick up point.

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