2017 Workshops

Poetry and Lyric Prose with Ross Gay

In this workshop we will explore how what we might perceive as fractures, fissures, slips, mistakes, missteps and being lost–lostness!–might inform and enliven our work–might be the precursor for discovery and productive confusion.  And, especially, delight.  Limit of 3 poems or 2,500 words of prose.

Prose Writing Intensive with Pam Houston

In this workshop we will focus on what I believe to be the real artistry of writing: the translation of the emotional stakes of the story onto its physical landscape. We will work toward demystifying some of the essential components of fiction and creative nonfiction (image, metaphor, structure, dialogue, character, scene, among others) and turning them into comprehensible tools that are at our disposal. At the same time we will honor the (sometimes) inexplicable flights of imagination and/or lyricism that take a good story and make it great. Another thing we will talk about is the ever expanding grey area that exists between fiction and nonfiction: the fictionalized memoir, the autobiographical novel, the lyric personal narrative, and how we might go about deciding what genre best suits a particular body of work. Please read Charles Baxter’s There’s Something I Want You To Do, and Joan Didion’s The Year Of Magical Thinking.  Manuscripts are limited to 5,000 words.

Between the Body and the Page with Lidia Yuknavitch

A radicalization of what we mean when we say “workshop.”  Shared work, discussion, critique, bring your body, your writing, your art, and a willingness to leave your comfort zone.  We will find the heart of your story and bring it to life, blow up your existing work as well as open up future options you didn’t even know were there (everything you’ve ever written has at least five more ideas in it).   Manuscripts limited to 5,000 words.