WxW offers generative, manuscript and full-manuscript workshops in fiction, memoir and poetry over the course of the year.  Acceptance to manuscript workshops will be based solely on the quality of the work.  Please select the workshop you are interested in applying to and click the link for details.  We are also now offering a residency in Bend, Oregon for up to five writers.  If you are interested in the residency, please click on the link below.

“I am a new woman. I am a new writer. HUGE confidence boost.  I don’t feel like I’m writing into a black hole anymore. Now I have community and support.”

Spring Manuscript Boot Camp
April 6-8, 2018

Boulder Generative Workshop
April 20-22, 2018

Methow Valley Workshop
May 16-20, 2018

Mont Blanc/Chamonix Workshop
June 3-17, 2018

Tomales Bay Workshop
October 17-21, 2018

Fellowships:  WxW offers a limited number of fellowships for the Tomales Bay and Methow Valley workshops.  Fellowship are highly competitive.  The WxW Board reviews each fellowship submission and awards are made on the merit of the writing sample alone. We are always seeking funding for additional fellowships.  If you would like to sponsor a fellowship, please contact us at