WxW Faculty & Board Members

Our mission is to create a rigorous and compassionate environment to learn the art of reading and writing from accomplished authors. We are honored to have the following faculty members lead our workshops.

Methow Valley Workshop

2018 Faculty: Peter Ho Davies, Pam Houston, Joshua Mohr

2017 Faculty: Ross Gay, Pam Houston, Lidia Yuknavitch

2016 Faculty: Ron Carlson, Andre Dubus III, Pam Houston, Lidia Yuknavitch

Mont Blanc Workshop

Board of Directors:
Pam Houston (Co-Founder), President
Karen Nelson (Co-Founder), Vice-President/Treasurer
Tami Anderson, Secretary
Kae Penner Howell
Heather Malcolm

Karen Nelson, Executive Director
Pam Houston, Creative Director

Emeritus Board:
Greg Glazner
Cynthia Newberry Martin,
Sarah Phipps